To quickly inspect the mapspamc results, view_results() shows crop distribution maps for a selected crop using a panel for each production system. This function works after combine_results() is run. There is no need to run create_all_tif(). The maps are visualized using leafletjs, which makes it possible to select a number of background tiles (e.g. OpenStreetMap).

view_results(crp, var, param, viewer = TRUE, polygon = TRUE)



Character. Crop for which the maps are shows. crp has to be one of the mapspamc four letter crop codes.


Character. The variable to be plotted. var has to be physical area ("pa") or harvested area ("ha").


Object of type mapspamc_par that bundles all mapspamc parameters, including core model folders, alpha-3 country code, year, spatial resolution, most detailed level at which subnational statistics are available, administrative unit level at which the model is solved and type of model.


Logical. Should the default web browers be used to show the maps? FALSE will show the maps in the RStudio viewer pane.


Logical; should the country polygon be overlayed?


if (FALSE) {
view_results(crop = "maiz", var = "ha", viewer = FALSE, polygon = FALSE)