mapspamc is accompanied by several country examples to illustrate the workings of the package. The examples provide fully developed scripts to run mapspamc from start to finish and may serve as a starting point or even template for users, who want to prepare their own country case-studies. The examples are stored in Github repositories using the following naming convention:, where ‘iso3c’ is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 letter country code in lowercase. At the moment two examples are provided: mapspamc_mwi for Malawi and mapspamc_eth for Ethiopia. We hope that users will add their work as additional examples.

Preparing the country examples

  • Install all required software.
  • If you use Github, go to the GitHub country example repository and click on ‘fork’ to copy the repository to your personal Github account. Then use Github, Git and RStudio to create a branch on your machine. If you do not use Github, click on ‘Code’ and download the repository as a zip file and open the project with RStudio.
  • Update the location of the mapspamc model and the mapspamc database in the 01_model_setup.r script so it matches with the locations on your machine.
  • Copy the mapspamc database to the set location on your machine.

The articles in the Running mapspamc section will guide you through the various steps to build the model, using the Malawi example.