Run the selected model (min_entropy or max_score) in GAMS with a pre-selected solver (see details). If model_sel = 1, the model is run for each individual administrative unit at level 1. If model_sel = 0 the model is run only once for the total country. Selecting out = TRUE (default setting), the GAMS model log will be sent to the screen after the model run has finished. The log is a text file, which names starts with model_log_ and is saved in the processed_data/intermediate_output folder. Note that, depending on the size of the country and the selected resolution, the model might take a long time to run. If the model is very large, the computer might run out of memory and an error message will be printed in the log file.

run_mapspamc(param, solver = "default", out = TRUE)



Object of type mapspamc_par that bundles all mapspamc parameters, including core model folders, alpha-3 country code, year, spatial resolution, most detailed level at which subnational statistics are available, administrative unit level at which the model is solved and type of model.


Name of the GAMS solver. If set to "default", the GAMS default solvers are selected, see details for more information.


logical; should the GAMS model log be send to the screen as output?


Depending on the license, GAMS is installed with several solvers. For each type of problem a default solver is pre-selected. If solver = "default", the GAMS default options for linear (max_score) and non-linear (min_entropy) problems are used to solve the models. To find out which solvers are available and which are the default, open the GAMS IDE: file -> options -> solvers. The user has the option to select one of the other linear- and non-linear solvers supported by GAMS: ANTIGONE, BARON, CPC, CPLEX, CONOPT4, CONOPT, GUROBI, IPOPT, IPOPTH, KNITRO, LGO, LINDO, LOCALSOLVER, MINOS, MOSEK, MSNLP, OSICPLEX, OSIGUROBI, OSIMOSEK, OSIXPRESS, PATHNLP, SCIP, SNOPT, SOPLEX, XA, XPRESS.

For the max_score model, which is a linear problem, it is recommended to use CPLEX. For non-linear problems, such as the min_entropy model, is not possible to predict at forehand, which solver performs best. It is recommended to start with using the IPOPT, which has shown good performance in solving cross-entropy models. An alternative option is CONOPT4, which, however, is often much slower, and in some cases is not able to solve the model.

The GAMS code (gms files) to solve the max_score and min_entropy models is stored in the gams folder in the mapspamc R library folder. Interested users might want to take a look and, if necessary, modify the code and run it directly in GAMS, separately from the mapspamc package.


if (FALSE) {
run_mapspamc(param, solver = "IPOPT", out = FALSE)